Zaka Modern Japanese Cuisine

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  • $28.95/pp Lunch (until 4pm)
  • $38.95/pp Dinner
  • $50/guest Dinner Deluxe


Monday - Thursday| 11:30 - 22:00 Friday | 11:30 - 22:30
Saturday - Sunday | 12:00 - 22:30


Flavor & Variety

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Check out our great variety, from rolls to bowls, seafood bombs, stir fried entrees and much more.

Zaka sushi rolls

Zaka Sushi Rolls are a signature dish at our Japanese restaurant in Miami


These delicious sushi rolls are made with perfectly seasoned sushi rice and filled with a combination of fresh and flavorful ingredients


Signature Ramen

Chashu Ramen, Spicy Chicken Ramen, 8 Hrs Beef Ramen, Seafood Ramen

From $17

Signature Don & Noodle

Chicken Teriyaki Don, Steak Teriyaki Don, Chicken Katsu Don

From $16

Zaka Fried Rice

Pad Thai, Yaki Udon, Rainbow Poke Bowl, Salmon/Tuna Poke Bowl

From $14

Zaka Modern Japanese Cuisine

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Sake Selections

  • Junmai/Honjozo PREMIUM GRADE
    30% polished away, richer and fuller than other types, and with pronounced acidity.
  • Junmai Ginjo/Ginjo SUPER PREMIUM GRADE
    40% polished away, the flavor is more complex and delicate, and both the flavor and fragrance are often fruity and floral.
  • Junmai Daiginjo/Daiginjo ULTRA-PREMIUM GRADE
    Very highly polished rice to at least 50%, and even more precise and labor-intensive methods. The Pinnacle of the brewers’ art. Generally light, complex and fragrant.

What customers are saying about ZAKA

"Major improvement! The restaurant was pretty good before, but the updates are amazing! If you elect to do the all you can eat, it's not self serve, they give you the menu and you eat as much as you can within the 90 minutes that are allowed."

- Vanessa S

"Miami's #1 All You Can Eat Sushi & Sashimi". They didn't lie on this statement. I ate as much as possibly could. I kept seeing the Social Media posts about this spot and how satisfying the food is, i had and it lived up to the hype."

- Michael B.

Great service, our server was attentive and help us understand how to order. I would definitely get the bao buns, shrimp mango ceviche, the gyoza and the fried rice again. The drinks are way too sweet for my taste so I'll be skipping next time I go."

- Maria G

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